Instead of a photo of smiling children and mothers from Rwanda or Bangladesh or Indonesia, here is a photo of a functioning, busy pathology laboratory in a district level hospital in India. To me, “global health” looks like this: limited resources serving large populations, and requiring innovation not just in technology, but also in service delivery, personnel management and access to care.

I have been involved in various global health projects for almost a decade. A few of them are described below. Details on my other experiences in global health (India/South Africa) are also available.

GLOBAY HEALTH: A new venture to connect global health professionals in the Bay Area

CENTER FOR HEALTHCARE INNOVATION (CHI): I serve as the Asia Consultant for this grassroots organization with the aim to make the world a healthier place

CONSULTING: I have worked with close to a dozen companies and foundations in the global health space, helping them create business models, raise funding and reach key milestones.