I am the Assistant Director, Global Programs for the Byers Center for Biodesign at Stanford University .

I teach Fellows in the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign (SSB) Program the Biodesign process and mentor them on their entrepreneurial path.

I also serve as a mentor and advisor to Fellows in the Japan Biodesign Program, some of whom are featured above.

I have been fortunate to be part of the Stanford Biodesign family since 2010. I started as Stanford-India Biodesign Fellow, went on to become part Global Programs Manager at Biodesign and supported creation of new international Biodesign programs, including Japan Biodesign and Oxford Biodesign.

I have published over 20 articles and curriculum materials on medical technology innovation ecosystems in emerging markets, especially India and China, as part of Stanford Biodesign’s resource library.

My Stanford-India Biodesign team’s invention is now a company in Bangalore, focused on screening neonates for hearing loss.

I am a part of a global community of medical technology innovators, inspired by Stanford Biodesign.