Fostering MedTech Innovation in Asia-Pacific

SAVE THE DATE FOR OUR 2017 CONFERENCE: 6th November, 2017 in Singapore

The last decade has seen the emergence of Asia Pacific as the healthcare hotspot, driven in large part by economic growth of the region. The region, with such diverse economies as Japan, China, India, and South East Asian countries, also has seen rapid evolution of disease burden. Many lifesaving therapies are still not accessible to a vast majority of the population, partly because the current solutions, including biomedical technologies, in the market don’t meet the unique needs of the Asia Pacific region.

To fill this gap in region-appropriate medtech solutions, a number of biomedical innovation programs have emerged across Asia Pacific, including in India, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia, and Korea. The focus of these programs, rooted in academia but with engagement of the industry, is to train the innovation talent AND to develop innovative region-appropriate solutions. Keen to explore a more organized association – modeled after BME-IDEA in the U.S. and Europe – to share lessons learned and to collaborate more effectively, we have created BME-IDEA APAC (BioMedical Engineering: Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Alliance in Asia-Pacific). The second meeting of this annual conference is focused on sharing best practices and strategies for collaboration.

Contact me if you are interested in attending the conference.